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My Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving is just a week away. I finally got around to finishing my entryway. I just needed to collect some acorns for my squirrel couple. The neighbors must have been wondering what I was doing, and I don't mind admitting that I can be a bit squirrelly! It's one of my most creative qualities.

Of course my old fur baby, Frodo, was more than happy to help me if it involved some petting.

Here are Mr. & Mrs. Nutthanial and Hazel Nut with the bucket full of acorns. Aren't they so cute? I might have to make them some Christmas outfits to keep them out longer!

The rest of my decorations were a mix of old and new. I've had the harvest sign with the squashes for over 15 years. I think I will give it a facelift next year. The grateful sign was from my local Meijer, but I upgraded the bow. I really loved the sweater behind the wood cut leaf shape and it's got me thinking of other ideas...The Owl family is also a classic that I pull out every year. I think they look really cute perched on the ladder I got from Target.

Originally, I purchased the houses and barn with the plan to repaint them. I thought they went perfectly with my Thanksgiving display, so I decided to leave them as is. The Give Thanks mobile was one of my favorite Thanksgiving creations this year. Lucky for you, I recorded the whole process. You can watch in the video links below. Finally, my Pumpkin Truck Gather Sign fit perfectly on my shelf.

Here is everything together in my entryway. I thought it all coordinated nicely, even if we are having any guests this year. I want to do more, but Christmas is right around the corner. So I'm on to other things!

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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