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Online Painting Membership

Is Open

Make painting a priority and join The Painter's Pond Acrylic Painting Membership. Learn to improve your painting skills. Have the support of a creative community to help you on your artistic journey.
Take time for you and create beautiful artwork.

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The Painter's Pond

An Exclusive Membership for Acrylic Painters

I'm Rose Gottler, Artist and Owner of The Painted Toad Online Art Studio, and I am beyond excited to share my love of painting with you! I designed my membership to help artists grow in their skills and connect with others who want to learn to paint, improve their painting skills, share their creativity with others, and

meet new people who love painting & creating too.

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Horn of Plenty

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What's Included?

Painting Tutorial

2 LIVE Virtual Painting Classes & 1 recorded Surprise Tutorial/Month

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Guest Artists & Art Media Explorations

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Monthly Art Lab Creative Conversation, Project, & Q&A Zoom Meeting

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20% Off Virtual Classes

& In-Person Classes

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Tips, Tricks, & How To Tutorials on an

Art Related Topic

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Access to The Painter's Pond Video Library

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Pre-Recorded Full Painting Tutorial Every Month that you Keep

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Supportive Private Membership Community


What Kind of Paintings are in the Pond?

I design the paintings I teach in the Painter's Pond from what inspires me and what the members are requesting. There are a variety of different subjects; landscapes, seasons, animals, architecture, flowers, mixed media, and more. I guide you through each painting step-by-step. You paint what you want and I always encourage you to experiment and try your own thing so you can begin to develop a painting style of your own.
Take a look at some of my members' favorites


Pumpkin Bouquet
Pumpkin Bouquet

Pumpkin filled with sunflowers and mums

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Monarchs & Milkweed
Monarchs & Milkweed

Monarch butterfly on milkweed plants

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Morning Gossip
Morning Gossip

Birds at the feeder on a winter morning

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Pumpkin Bouquet
Pumpkin Bouquet

Pumpkin filled with sunflowers and mums

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Here's some amazing paintings & testimonials
from those who have joined the Painter's Pond and taken my classes

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“I had no experience with drawing or painting, but Rose’s tutorials got me started. I am learning all kinds of techniques in drawing, shading, color mixing and much more. I now have a wonderful new hobby and love the things I am creating!

--Nellda C.

Nelda Mountains.jpg
Paintings - Katherine.jpg

“I love being a member of the Painter’s Pond! I always look forward to when the new calendar of paintings and events is released because I can’t wait to see what’s in store next! Rose puts such thought and detail into all of her paintings, teaches them in an interesting and relaxing way, and is great at offering help and feedback. The Art Lab Zoom Meeting is a fun way to connect with other members and I’m always excited to see the Surprise Painting Tutorial each month! So glad I joined!

--Katherine D

“I can't wait for another paint night and to take this journey with you and everyone else you inspire. Thank you so much”

— Marleigh A.

“I watched the video at a later time and have to say I love your personality! You are truly a joy to listen to.”

—Jessica M.

“Funnest 2 hours of my week!! ”

— Lena P.

Rose reminds me of a female Bob Ross, easy to follow and listen to… great teacher and very talented!! You need to follow her if you aren’t yet, you’ll love her…

—Wendy S.

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The Painter's Pond Membership

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