Pumpkin Stack Snowman

This little snowman turned out so cute and bonus, I made it from fall decor I already had!

I love repurposing decor pieces so that they can work for more than one season. I painted this pumpkin stack back in September. You can see how I did it in this video.

The backside was completely smooth, unfinished wood, and I couldn’t wait until it got cold enough to transform it into a snowman.

I started with some white and light blue acrylic paint to create the snowball shapes.

I found adorable unfinished wood mittens in the Christmas ornament aisle at Michaels Craft Store. They were the perfect size for my snowman. Check out the video link below to see how I painted them.

I think the carrot nose was my favorite thing to paint. I go through all the details on how to get it to look three dimensional. Isn’t this the cutest snowman face?

I hand crocheted the hat and scarf. I used a baby hat crochet pattern. You could also use a doll sized hat and scarf if you don’t crochet.