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Buffalo Plaid Blunder

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Sometimes creators make things look easy to make, but the truth is not everything goes as planned. In a recent attempt to paint buffalo plaid on this door hanger I goofed completely and ended up with a Nailed It worthy piece. You wouldn’t be able to tell that from this photo.

Merry & Bright Buffalo Plaid Door Hanger

Let’s just say, I learned how to paint a checkerboard pattern! Yikes! You can watch my failed attempt here. Nothing like a LIVE version of Pinterest Nailed It!

Buffalo Plaid Blunder Video

The lesson I want to share with you is that sometimes things don’t work out the first time, or even the second or third. The truth is, I had a lot on my mind that morning. I lost track of what step I was on. Those watching me were so gracious and supportive. I improvised with some buffalo plaid vinyl I had on hand and was able to finish with a laugh!

Buffalo Plaid Fix

I did try again and I achieved success! Here’s the proper process in case you want to try it too. I purchased the t.

Step 1: Paint your surface with your base color. I used Cardinal Red by FolkArt and Holly Green by DecoArt Americana with a touch of black acrylic added for a slightly darker shade. I separated the two halves with painters tape.

Painting the Base Coats

Step 2: Place horizontal lines using painters tape. Use a small piece of the tape to space the lines correctly.

Buffalo Plaid Step 1

Step 3: Mix a touch of black with your original base color to create a slightly darker shade. paint between the tape lines.

Step 4: Remove the tape carefully and dry completely. I use a hair dryer to speed the process.

Step 5: Place vertical layers of tape using the same spacing method.

Step 6: Take the cardinal red and mix it with the leftover paint from the shade you created earlier. Your goal is to create a slightly lighter shade. Paint this between the tape lines.

Step 7: Here’s where I goofed the first time around. Leave the tape on and dry completely. Then, add horizontal tape lines again so that the tape is covering the lightest shade.

Step 8: Using black acrylic paint to paint over all of the squares.

Step 9: Remove the tape and touch up any areas that need it. Dry completely before painting the divider line.

Step 10: Tape on either side of the dividing line. I used DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Glorious Gold. I also painted the top piece gold.

Final Steps: Remove the tape and add your embellishments. I used white glitter paint on woodcut words Merry & Bright from Michaels. I also added some frosty holly & berry picks from the floral section & made my own bow using gold and buffalo plaid ribbon.

Despite the challenges I faced early on with this project, it really did turn out cute in the end.

Now that I’ve mastered painting buffalo plaid I can’t wait to try it out on some other diy projects. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. As always; be creative, be artistic, and get connected!

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