Our Mission

The Painted Toad is a COMMUNITY with a mission to support ARTISTS of all ages and in all stages of their artistic journey.  ART and CREATIVITY are at the heart of our business. We want The Painted Toad to be a place where you can BE YOURSELF. Art is about SHARING what makes us unique and CONNECTING with others through the ART MAKING process. Let us be your guide to DISCOVER the artist within YOU!​


About Me

To Be an Artist is To Be Yourself

Creating art and making things has always been my passion since I was first able to pick up a crayon. I started The Painted Toad to pursue my dream of become the artist, creator, & maker that I was always meant to be.

So often in life, we get distracted from our true calling & miss out on exploring our full potential. Fear of failure, inadequacy, or financial necessity drive us to forget what makes us whole. Is this true for you too?

For me, art & creativity make me whole. When I am creating, I am in my happy place. As an educator, I developed a passion for teaching others to make art. Through The Painted Toad, I hope to inspire, teach, and connect with you as you discover what it means to be YOU!


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