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Hello Fall Garland

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I just love how this colorful DIY fall garland turned out! It will be the perfect addition to my front entryway. Read on to learn how to make one for your fall home decor collection. Get the supply list here.

Let's start with the basics. I found these two sets of wood cuts at JoAnn Fabric & Crafts. You could make two separate garlands, but I decide to go long and combine them.

I'm a complete Type A personality, so I laid everything out first. As it turned out, I didn't care for the leaves between the letters because it chopped up the words too much. So, after all that initial planning, I did something different anyways! Go figure!

Since my color theme this year is teals, oranges, and greens, I went with these colors when painting the pieces of the garland. For the orange pieces, I combine orange and yellow paint on a flat brush. I loved the natural effect this created. The leaves look like they are slowing turning just like they do on the trees.

The blue pieces were a combination of turquoise and ocean green acrylic paint.

For the bright green pieces I used yellow and a light olive green, Master's Touch, from Hobby Lobby.

The darker green leaves were a combination of turquoise and yellow. Originally, I had tried turquoise and light green, but it looked too dark for me. The yellow brought out a more pleasing shade of green, in my opinion.

The acrylic paint dries pretty quickly, so I had all my pieces painted in no time. Isn't this a beautiful collage of shapes and colors?

The next step was to add a bit of shimmer. Glitter glue to the rescue! I love using glitter glue because you get the glisten of glitter without all the mess. I just squeezed a bead of glue right onto the leaves.

Then, using an old flat paintbrush, I painted the glitter glue over the surface of all the leaves.

I love how the glitter makes the leaves sparkly like they are coated in morning dew or the first fall frost.

Time for the wood beads! I got an amazing deal on these beads at Michael's Craft Store. They were on clearance for $5! I didn't need this many for the fall garland, but now I'm thinking of all the other fun projects I can use them for.

Using an embroidery needle, I strung the beads and painted flags and leaves onto jute string. This was the longest part of the project, and I changed my mind a couple of times on the bead pattern & spacing I wanted to do.

In the end, I realized I should have counted out my leaves and put only one between the words instead of two. My daughter Juliet pointed out it looked more natural that way because the leaves fall randomly. I like the way that girl thinks!

Fall Decorations

Here's my one of a kind garland hanging in my front entryway. Do you love it as much as I do?

If you want to see how I painted each piece, you can watch the video tutorial. Planning to make it yourself? Click below to download the supply list.

Hello Fall Garland Supply List
Download PDF • 343KB

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