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Spring Love

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but Love is all year round. I had that in mind when I painted this cute wood love sign from Target.

I wanted to cut the paper to fit the heart and modpodge it on. The letters were glued to the heart though, making it tricky to work around. So, I decided to paint the design instead. You can watch the replay here, or keep reading the step by step process below.

Step 1: Do a coat of white paint on the heart. I used Folk Art Acrylics Wicker White

Step 2: I painted the L, V, and E using a flat paintbrush. I chose colors that matched my paper sample; Cactus Flower (DecoArt Americana), Pale Yellow (Delta Creative Ceramcoat), and Sour Apple (DecoArt Americana).

Step 3: I added one extra coat of white paint on the heart and dried it before painting my flowers. Using a small round paintbrush, I paint a few small, yellow swirls where I wanted the flowers to go.

Step 4: Next I added a series of arcs around the yellow centers to start adding the rose petals. Begin with a light pink. I used Plaid FolkArt Multi-Surface Baby Pink. Then I added more overlapping arcs in DecoArt Cactus Flower and finally DecoArt Coral Blush. The wet paint combines a bit as each layer is added, which adds additional color mixtures in the flowers.

Step 5: I painted on leaves to fill in the white spaces between roses. The leaves are just two arcs of the Sour Apple, one arc of DecoArt Moody Blue, & a smaller arc of DecoArt Winter Blue.

Step 6: The final detail was adding simple blue flowers using Sour Apple for the centers, and Moody Blue and DecoArt Lavender for the petals. I just made a series of small round blobs clumped together, using the tip of my round paintbrush. The petals are mostly blue with an accent of the lavender.

I’m so pleased at the final result and Think I want to paint this flower design on some other coordinating decor!

In the meantime,

Be Creative Be Artistic & Get Connected!

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