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Wooden Bunny Craft

These wooden bunnies from Target were so cute, I had to create something with them. The wooden bunny trio turned out adorable and I taught the whole process LIVE on my Facebook page.

Each bunny was only $5, and they are a decent size for crafting and thick enough to stand up on their own. In my first video, I went through the process of choosing coordinating scrapbook paper and how to use Mod Podge to decoupage the paper onto the wood. You don't have to do any fancy trimming with your scissors! Watch to see how to use a sanding block or sand paper to fit the paper to the exact size of the bunny shape.

In the next video tutorial, I show you how to paint a bunny face and carrot on the other side of the forward facing bunny. I thought it would be fun to have different things on each side of the bunnies so that I can mix, match, and flip them. It's also great for using these on a table display where you would see both sides.

In the final part of this triple bunny series, I add embellishments to make each bunny unique. I have flowers, ribbon, buttons, pearl stickers, and big fluffy pompoms for the tails. You can have so much fun adding textures to the paper bunny side. I also go over how to paint the other two bunnies.

This was the cutest project! I can't wait to use these bunnies in my spring decor! If you make some wooden bunnies, make sure that you swing on over & grab these from Target before they're all gone!

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