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Pumpkin Triplet Door Hanger

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Make a unique door hanger by mixing and matching so fall decor items from Hobby Lobby.

I have a double door in my front entryway, so I am always looking for unique door hangers that will coordinate for both doors. This year I did a mash-up design using items I found in the fall section at Hobby Lobby. Skip to the video tutorial, or check out the step by step process for putting this together.

Let's talk supplies. I made the door hanger using these cute wooden ornaments that are approximately 5x5 inches and these textured pumpkin picks. You could also use wood cut pumpkins if you can't find the picks. Just make sure they fit in the frames. I found most of these items while meandering around my local Hobby Lobby. The fall decor was 40% off and the paint was 30% off. The lace and burlap/lace ribbon was from Dollar Tree.

First things first, remove the hanging hardware from two of the three wood frame ornaments. Keep one attached so that you can hang the final piece.

Next, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the hardware from the back of the pumpkin picks. I saved the pick portion and screws because it will be great for making another project later.

Take some masking tape or painters tape to line the edges of the wood frame. This will help keep paint of the frame.

Now for the fun part. With the prep work all done, you can begin painting over the inside of each wood ornament. I used metallic craft paints in green, turquoise, and copper. Depending on how the paint covers, you may need to do two to three coats of paint. Make sure you let each layer dry between coats.

Use the same color paints and paint over each of the wood pumpkins. Once again, you may need a couple of coats. I usually work back and forth between the pumpkins and frames to allow dry time for each.

For the pumpkin details, I applied white acrylic paint with a small flat brush as a base coat. Once this dried, I added a coat of pearl white to give it a little shimmer. The shimmer shows up better if you start with the base coat of plain white.

Once the paint is dry, you can use tacky glue to adhere each pumpkin to the inside of one of your painted frames. Mix up the colors so that each pumpkin is place on a frame that is different from it.

I used wood glue to attach each frame to each other. Make sure you that you put the frame with the hanger on the very top!

You can add lace to the outer edges of the frame to give it an antique/farmhouse look. Here's what mine looked like before I added the bow.

If you'd like to know how to make the bow, you can watch the bow video tutorial below. You can also purchase a bow already made, or hang these as is. Here's the finished products hanging on my doors.

This project would also make a cute wall hanging or shelf sitter if you arrange the pumpkins horizontally. Feel free to choose a different color scheme as well to fit with your decor. Connect with me on Facebook or drop me a line. I'd love to see what you come up with!

You can watch the full tutorial here:

Here is the bow making tutorial:

Click below to download the Supply List

Triple Pumpkin Door Hanger Supply List(1)
Download PDF • 711KB

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