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My First Tiered Tray

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

I am beyond thrilled with my spooky, Halloween tiered tray display! Want to see how I made it? You're in luck because I have step by step tutorials for each part of my tray.

First things first, I got all of these adorable wood cutouts from the Wholly Rustic Tiered Tray Decor Club. My friend Rebecca sends out a different set each month with all the supplies you need to paint your own unique pieces. The fun part is, it's a surprise each month. If you don't like surprises, she has additional tiered tray sets for sale at Wholly Rustic.

Here is a the video tutorial of how I painted my pieces. Of course, you can choose any colors you like for a project like this one!

This wood pumpkin was actually a find in the Target dollar section. It came with some other pieces as well. I decided to change the original colors to a more traditional orange pumpkin.

Here's a video on how to paint the perfect pumpkin:

The mini bead garland was quick and easy to put together. If you dread painting individual beads, I have an awesome painting hack that you can use to speed up the process.

Finally, I needed some filler. One of my creative friends had the best idea! I made several of these fluffy little creatures with googly eyes to fill out my display. This is a perfect project for your kiddos to complete to help you with your Halloween decor. That is, if you can keep them on the tray! My kids love to give names & personalities to these poof-balls and they keep turning up in different locations all over the house!

The final touch was some spider webbing and voila! My first tiered tray!

I would love to hear what you think about it. Reach out to me at The Painted Toad or join my Creative Artistic Connected Community on Facebook to share your spooky tiered tray designs.

Be Creative, Be Artistic, and Get Connected!

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